Sally in the Zen

Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist

Sleeping In

One of the absolute best things about the weekend is waking up to no alarm clock.

I would slowly wake up to the quiet and the morning light and a brightened bedroom.  I would peek at my windows and see the bright blue morning sky.

I would bask in the morning silence from the warmth of my bed, the cocoon of my blankets.

That’s absolutely no other feeling that could top this one.

That is, until I smell the freshly brewed Starbucks coffee wafting in the air from the kitchen.

Then all bets are off.

Yes, I’m a simple person.  It really doesn’t take much to entertain me.

I am Sally in the Zen. 

Hear me snore.

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One of those moments

In the middle of one recent night, I arouse out of deep sleep.  I pop one eye open and rove around the dark room and see nothing.  Then I open the other eye and scan the room a bit more thoroughly, trying to figure out what woke me up.

There wasn’t anything in the room, not even a sound.

So what woke me up?

I turn my head over to the window and notice the pale luminous moon outside, its bright light streaming through my windows.  And it was angled right over my bed.

It’s strange how I’m awoken out of deep sleep from the touch of moonlight on my face.

It’s actually cool, the more I think about it.

Unwittingly the song flows through my head.

Breakfast at Tiffany\’s – Moon River

I ponder the strangeness of nature and the moon for one more second before letting it go.

And turning over to go back to sleep.

Just one of those moments that make me go hmm.

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I was at the gas station one recent morning, filling up my tank and cringing over the listed price.  So to distract myself, I watched the other cars and drivers come and go at the other gas islands beside and near me.

Hi, my name is Sally in the Zen, and I’m a people-watcher.

I’m watching with interest as a honking large candy-apple red RAM truck comes in and a petite lady driver jumps out.

I’m staring with wide eyes as a bear-of-a-man driver ejects himself out of his small beat-up Camary.

I hear the elevator music piping out of the outdoor speakers of the gas station.

I glance at the winding line of cars patiently waiting their turn at the car wash. 

And when I hear the WOO HOO, I turn toward this happy sound.

A lady was standing near the entrance of the gas station, waving her arms and shaking her hips, just dancing and prancing in place.  Her head is bopping to something that I don’t hear, and I wonder What’s the matter with her?

I look around her and there’s no one in sight.  No one speaking with her, and no car near enough that she could speak with.  I thought for a moment that she was trying to catch someone’s attention, as she continued to gyrate her hips and punch her arms into the air.  She emitted a couple more WOO HOO into the air before throwing her arms up, like she wanted to give the world a great big hug.

And then the moment is over and she starts strutting down the road.

That’s when I noticed that she was wearing sweats, sneakers and a bandana wrapped around her hair.  And on her ears were her white earphones to her iPod.

Witnessing a person unabashedly rejoicing in life at any given moment is a blessing.

And I’m the better for it.

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Life’s Little Mysteries

One recent early morning, I was warming up my car.  And in those few cold moments, my mind began to wander and ponder on many of life’s little mysteries.

Brain teasers, really.

Things that make me go hmm.

Like, do we really need to warm up the car?

What’s the logic in that?  What was the origin of this old wives’ tale?

Is it really beneficial for the car to heat it up?

Sad to say, but once I put the car in motion and drive away, this intriguing puzzle disappears to the back of my head where all the other mysteries of the universe lie dormant.

So I’m reading the news today, and wouldn’t you know it?

Here was this story.

I’d like to think that this is more than a coincidence.  I’d like to think that sometimes the universe just gets fed up with all the questions of the heart and throws out a bone.

Just saying.

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Snow Angels

Too cute!

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A Moment



This was the Picture of the Day on Wikipedia yesterday.

Let me take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the image and its iridescent features.

Ok.  Moment’s over. 

The next time I see it, it will be swatted.  I must.  I must.

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