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Busted Again!

So we’re driving through the same stretch of Interstate 695 where Zen Master got busted for speeding through an ASE construction zone in August.  It’s still under construction and still enforced with speed cameras. 

Every time we pass this area, we’re especially mindful of our speed, having learned our lesson. 

This time I was driving us home and Zen Mum piped up from the backseat, “Make sure you slow down.  You don’t want another ticket.”

I snickered as I looked at Zen Master, who was in the passenger seat.  “I’m not the one who was speeding that last time.”

Zen Master ignored me.

I continued, “And I’m not the one who got that ticket either.”

“He got it twice.”  Zen Mum said.

I looked at her in my rear view mirror.  “No, he didn’t.  It was that one time.  We got only one ticket in the mail.”

“Uh uh.”  She shook her head.  “He got two tickets.  Another one came a week or two after the first ticket.”

I looked at Zen Master in surprise.  “You got busted again?”

He slouched down in his seat.  “I told you not to tell her!  Why did you go and tell her?”

“YOU DID WHAT?”  I howled with laughter.  “You were hiding this from me?”

Zen Mum just shrugged her shoulders.  “He said not to tell you about the second ticket because you were going to laugh at him.  He said that you would make fun of him.”

And you know what?


In the end, after my laughing fit, Zen Master demanded that I make him banana bread so he can drown his sorrows in it.

I was more than happy to.

Because it was certainly worth it.

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Afterword: Busted

Afterword to Busted:

Zen Master:  “Going 50 mph doesn’t even feel like we’re moving.”

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Preface:  Zen Master and I both have a Toyota Rav4, which we use interchangeably on rare occasions.


A speeding ticket just arrived in the mail.

Effective October 1, 2009, Maryland passed a law that authorized the use of a program called the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) in Work Zones.  It essentially uses hidden cameras to catch speedsters in construction work zones on roadways. 

The “citation” had three photos showing: 

  1. The entire car.
  2. The rear of the car.
  3. A close-up of the license plate of the car.

The cost of the citation:  $40.00.

Posted speed limit in the construction zone:  50 mph.

Vehicle speed in the construction zone:  62 mph.

To put it mildly, Zen Master was quite unhappy with me. 

“How many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t speed?”  He glared at me, his bald head shining under the kitchen light.  “Forty dollars is not funny!  I’ve read in the newspaper that the fees could be at least a couple hundred dollars!”

We both stared at the photos on the citation. 

“And why were you on the highway when you should have been at work?  What were you doing?”

I couldn’t remember.  I actually checked my day planner and I saw nothing that would have taken me out of work at that date and time of the violation.  What the heck?

And then I noticed the color of the car.

“It’s not even my car!”  I said as I waved the citation at him.  “Zen Master, you need to slow down, you road demon.  Forty dollars is no joke!”

Nothing gets pass us.  Just so we’re clear.

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