Sally in the Zen

Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist


I enjoy blogging.

I may actually have a couple of readers.  I think.

YES!  I am now Queen of blogging!



I find blogging to be my self-serving way of talking about my family and stuff that interests me.

And I can talk about Zen Master and Zen Mum all day, but they would probably try to hide my laptop to get me to shut up about them.

But lucky for them, they don’t need to do a thing.

I’m taking a step back from blogging because of other personal projects.  The frequency will definitely be less than what it is now, but I’ll still be here.  I’ll still be blogging about my little family.  Just not as regularly. 

Once my projects are finished, I’ll be back blogging at full steam. 

And with that note, I’m shifting it down a notch, to half steam.

See you around the next bend.

Sally in the Zen

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John Grisham

Every now and then, I go through phases where I would be utterly enthralled with a particular author or a particular subject that I just can’t get enough of.

And when the interest wanes, away go the books back to library.

The last time was JD Robb.

A long time before that was cookbooks.

This time around?

John Grisham.

I finished his latest novel called The Confession.

It was a non-stop read for me. 


I would read it while eating breakfast.  While getting ready for bed.  While getting ready for the day. 

While in the bathroom.

Ok, I’ll stop there.  I’m sure you get the picture.

He makes law fun.

So as soon as I was finished with The Confession, I picked up The Testament.

Finished that in two days.

Then picked up The Street Lawyer.

Finished that in another two days.

Right now I’m in the middle of The Rainmaker.

I haven’t read this one in years!

No, John Grisham did not pay me to write this post for him.  As if he really needs me to spread the word about his books.  He’s just a really great read.

Most especially in the bathroom.

Enough said.

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Easter Sunday

Zen Master looked at me with distress. 

“We have to go back to work tomorrow!”  He wailed loudly.

Zen Mum nodded.  “Sucks.”

Yes, my friends, Spring Break 2011 is finally over and the kids are upset.

Spring Break 2011 was a staycation for them, puttering around town and just staying local.

Some time ago, while Zen Master was waiting to pick Zen Mum up from work, he observed a track and field down the hill.  And decided to see if they could use it during their vacation.

Which they did throughout the week, when it wasn’t raining.

So where were we on that beautiful and warm Easter Sunday morning?

Yup, we were trekking all around that track.

After one lap, I stepped it up and mixed in light jogging and power-walking, and when I saw the concrete stairs leading up from the field, I powered up the stairs until I reached the top, huffing and puffing as if I just ran a marathon.  And when I finally caught my breath, I jumped up and punched the air with my fists, hooting and hollering like Rocky.

Because I made it up there without passing out!

Mount McKinley, here I come!

Uh, not.


When I caught up with Zen Master and Zen Mum, they were sweating and red-faced. 

And grinning like fools.

“This is better than walking around the neighborhood.”  Zen Master stated as a matter-of-factly. 

“How you figure?”  I asked.

“No pollution from cars driving by.”

Hm.  Never thought about that.

So for an entire hour, we trekked around that track, panting and gasping for breath, puffing with other like-minded people who wanted nothing but a good run.

Zen Master counted twelve laps when we finally called it quits.

Let me state for the record that I am a Zumba fan, shaking body parts that cry in protest. 

I am all about Step Class, stumping and jumping like nobody’s business.

And I live and breathe Body Pump, for I vow to get myself a JLo butt.

I am an athlete who gets ragged but bounces back with always my second wind.

Okay, so I’m using the word athlete quite liberally and loosely.

So when we finally got home, what did I do?

I washed up and went straight to bed.

The kids actually puttered me out.

And my bed never felt so good.

The End.

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Happy Easter

From my family to yours, wishing you a very Happy Easter!

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Sleeping In

One of the absolute best things about the weekend is waking up to no alarm clock.

I would slowly wake up to the quiet and the morning light and a brightened bedroom.  I would peek at my windows and see the bright blue morning sky.

I would bask in the morning silence from the warmth of my bed, the cocoon of my blankets.

That’s absolutely no other feeling that could top this one.

That is, until I smell the freshly brewed Starbucks coffee wafting in the air from the kitchen.

Then all bets are off.

Yes, I’m a simple person.  It really doesn’t take much to entertain me.

I am Sally in the Zen. 

Hear me snore.

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Windshield Wiper

“We have to get a wiper.”  Zen Master said one day as we were driving home from the grocery store.  “My wiper is broken.”

“Your windshield wiper?”  I frowned at him.  “How did you break your windshield wiper?”

“When we had that snow storm last winter.  I was scraping the ice off the windshield and pulled the wiper up.  It was frozen to the glass and the rubber ripped off.”

“That’s smart.”  I said.  “Good going.”

Zen Master gave me his evil eye as he slouched deeper into the passenger seat.  “Stuff happens, you know.”

So we went to the auto parts store and bought the replacement blade for only the driver side.  The cashier offered to help us replace it on the car but I refused because I knew how to do it.  I had to replace my own some time ago and I vaguely remembered how to do it.


“You sure you know what to do?”  Zen Master asked as he watched me pop out the new wiper out of the box.  “We can go back and get that guy to do it.”

“I know how to do it.”  I reassured him.  “We just need to flip something or squeeze something and the old one will pop right out.  Piece of cake.”

But he eyed me with doubt.

So much for a vote of confidence.

He was holding the replacement blade, watching me fiddle with the old one.  I was twisting, squeezing, pinching, wriggling it until it finally came out.  See, I knew what I was doing.  I gave Zen Master a smirk but he still looked at me as if he was ready to bolt back into the store and drag that poor guy out by his hair.

I took the new one and it was a bit trickier but I managed to snap it on in quick time. 

I threw my arms up in triumph! 

I don’t no stinkin’ help!

Now I was ready to rebuild a car engine! 

Zen Master clambered into the driver’s seat.  “I want to see if it works.”

Then he started the engine and a moment later, we watched as water squirted the windshield and the wipers started wiping.  After a couple of swishes of the blade, Zen Master looked at me happily.  “It works!  It works!”

It really doesn’t take much to make my Zen Master happy.

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Spring Break

“Guess who’s on vacation this week?”  Zen Mum smirked smirked at me from the sofa where she and Zen Master were lounging.  “Guess who don’t have to work this week?”

Then both she and Zen Master jumped to their feet and started twitching and shaking body parts that really shouldn’t be moving at all. 

This officially marks the kids out of school for Spring Break.

Kids = Zen Master and Zen Mum.

Who else would I be talking about?

Who needs kids when I have two of them thumping and bouncing in front of me?

At least I don’t have to worry about them too too much.

I don’t have to worry that they will be binge-drinking or chain-smoking with their friends. 

I can’t tell you what a load off my mind that is.

I don’t have to worry that they will charge up the credit cards with frivolous purchases or zoom around Baltimore, street-racing in their Rav4.

Nope, don’t have to worry about that this year.

And I really don’t have to worry that they will abuse the Internet and post strange pictures of themselves on the Web.

Can’t tell you what a relief that is!

They’re pretty reliable, trustworthy kids, all in all.

Wouldn’t trade them in for the world.

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One of those moments

In the middle of one recent night, I arouse out of deep sleep.  I pop one eye open and rove around the dark room and see nothing.  Then I open the other eye and scan the room a bit more thoroughly, trying to figure out what woke me up.

There wasn’t anything in the room, not even a sound.

So what woke me up?

I turn my head over to the window and notice the pale luminous moon outside, its bright light streaming through my windows.  And it was angled right over my bed.

It’s strange how I’m awoken out of deep sleep from the touch of moonlight on my face.

It’s actually cool, the more I think about it.

Unwittingly the song flows through my head.

Breakfast at Tiffany\’s – Moon River

I ponder the strangeness of nature and the moon for one more second before letting it go.

And turning over to go back to sleep.

Just one of those moments that make me go hmm.

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