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Letter to Benny: Honorary Godmother

Honorary Godmother:  someone who buys premium gifts for Godson.

My dear Benny.

My beautiful nephew.

Guess who is your honorary Godmama? 

Guess who is the lucky Auntie who gets to dote on you with love and kisses and plenty of sweets before returning you to your parents?

Guess who is in utter fascination with all things baby Benny?

Your Auntie Sally is who!

Your Auntie/Honorary Godmother is who!

And I didn’t come alone.

We would’ve been here sooner to meet you if it wasn’t for the 4-week head-cold/allergy-sickness-meds-could-not-get-rid-of-and-what-also-stumped-the-doctors illness that your Auntie suffered through.

Never mind the fact that because it took us an extra month to finally see you that our gift of baby onesies became muscle shirts, you having outgrown them already. 

Note to self:  next time we buy onesies, get 6-9 months instead of 3-6 months.  Muscle shirts quite unattractive on Benny, no matter how cute he truly is.

Guess who will be thinking of you each and every day with love from afar?

And guess who had the most profound paradigm shift of all things children when she finally, finally held you in her arms?

Just your Auntie Sally in the Zen who has never held a baby in her arms.

Until you.


Auntie & Honorary Godmother Sally in the Zen.

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