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Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist


I’m not a believer in love-at-first-sight.  That’s just full of hooey.

Hooey, I say again.

But I need to disclaimer that when it comes to food.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself. 

When a luscious plate of chicken marsala comes my way, I melt. 

And drool.

When Zen Mum makes a batch of homemade pork dumplings, I swoon. 

And devour the little morsels like a champ.

But when it actually comes to people, specifically men, well, I’m just a little bit more fickle.


Eye candy, the whole lot of them.

And this includes you, Keanu Reeves. 

And you too, Jet Li.

No man is ever going to make me soft or swoon or coo or do anything remotely related to love-sickness.

Uh-ha, that’s right.  You heard me.

Not.  Doing.  It.

And then last night, I met Benny.

My Handsome Nephew

And I was a goner.

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  • Edie
    September 30th, 2011 12:44
    What a cutie pie! Congrats on being an auntie!! :)

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