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Morning Glory

So I’m sitting there, minding my own business, when I hear a chirp! chirp!

Glancing down at my phone, I see that someone sent me a text message.

I didn’t recognize the number but I still click on the message and open it.

See the penis sticking out?  He’s proud and showing off his penis!


Some sick pervert just spammed me!


I opened a message that probably had a virus and was now bugging my phone!


What the *&^%$ is this crap? 

Then I scrolled down further on the message and a black & white picture rolled up.

I squinted at it, completely confused and truly befuddled.


Then I realized that I was looking at an ultrasound, with something highlighted in white in the middle of the shot.

And then I remembered that just a few minutes before, my brother had texted me that he and E were having a boy!  They had been at the doctor’s office and finally found out the gender.  It’s official!

It’s a boy!

Hello, my nephew!  Thank you so much for flashing me with your morning glory.

Uh, I didn’t mean to call you a sicko.

Or a pervert.

Nephew:  Auntie, what’s a pervert?

Me:  uh…

Nephew:  Auntie, what’s *&^%$?  What does it mean? 

Me:  uh oh

Nephew:  one

Auntie Sally in the Zen:  zero

Kid’s not even here yet and he’s winning.

What’s up with that?

Happy Monday, Everyone!

So glad to be back.

Sally in the Zen

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