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Windshield Wiper

“We have to get a wiper.”  Zen Master said one day as we were driving home from the grocery store.  “My wiper is broken.”

“Your windshield wiper?”  I frowned at him.  “How did you break your windshield wiper?”

“When we had that snow storm last winter.  I was scraping the ice off the windshield and pulled the wiper up.  It was frozen to the glass and the rubber ripped off.”

“That’s smart.”  I said.  “Good going.”

Zen Master gave me his evil eye as he slouched deeper into the passenger seat.  “Stuff happens, you know.”

So we went to the auto parts store and bought the replacement blade for only the driver side.  The cashier offered to help us replace it on the car but I refused because I knew how to do it.  I had to replace my own some time ago and I vaguely remembered how to do it.


“You sure you know what to do?”  Zen Master asked as he watched me pop out the new wiper out of the box.  “We can go back and get that guy to do it.”

“I know how to do it.”  I reassured him.  “We just need to flip something or squeeze something and the old one will pop right out.  Piece of cake.”

But he eyed me with doubt.

So much for a vote of confidence.

He was holding the replacement blade, watching me fiddle with the old one.  I was twisting, squeezing, pinching, wriggling it until it finally came out.  See, I knew what I was doing.  I gave Zen Master a smirk but he still looked at me as if he was ready to bolt back into the store and drag that poor guy out by his hair.

I took the new one and it was a bit trickier but I managed to snap it on in quick time. 

I threw my arms up in triumph! 

I don’t no stinkin’ help!

Now I was ready to rebuild a car engine! 

Zen Master clambered into the driver’s seat.  “I want to see if it works.”

Then he started the engine and a moment later, we watched as water squirted the windshield and the wipers started wiping.  After a couple of swishes of the blade, Zen Master looked at me happily.  “It works!  It works!”

It really doesn’t take much to make my Zen Master happy.

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