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Break for food

I’m working on my laptop in the living room, and I take a break.  So I go into the kitchen to brew some tea.

But I hear tap-tap-tap.


I stop what I’m doing, the tea kettle still in my hand and I strain to listen for that strange sound again.

Tap-tap-tap.  Tap-tap-tap.

Then I sigh, because it sounds like Zen Mum jumped on to my laptop and started a game of Spider Solitarie.

I think Zen Mum is addicted to Spider Solitaire.

I could be wrong.

But I really don’t think so.

I set the tea kettle on the fire and peek into the living room and I see . . .

. . . Zen Mum happily tap-tap-tapping away on my laptop.

Me:  I’m not finished with the laptop.

Zen Mum: (her face squinting with concentration)  I’m almost finished.

Me:  How about you pop in your exercise video?  By the time you finish your exercise, I should be finished with the computer.

Zen Mum:  No.

Me:  When was the last time you did your aerobics?

Zen Mum:  No.

And I watch as she finishes her one game and start a new one.

Me:  Okay, how about you step away from the computer with both hands up?

Zen Mum:  I’m almost finished.

Drastic times call for drastic measures so I shuffle into the kitchen.  A few minutes later, I emerge with a small plate of Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits with sharp white cheddar cheese. 

I crunch loudly on the tasty Triscuit and Zen Mum’s head jerk up from the laptop. 

Zen Mum:  (holding her hands up to me)  Gimme.

Me:  mmmhhhmmmm…tasty….

Zen Mum:  (more emphatic now, her hands waving at me):  Gimme!

Me:  If you want some, you’ll have to eat it in the kitchen. 

I slowly back away toward the kitchen, munching now on a piece of cheese.  Zen Mum springs to her feet and chases after me.

The things I have to do to get my laptop back.

And the sad thing is, that food trick works on me!

I, too, break for food.

It runs in the family.

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