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Open Letter to Guan Yin

Open Letter to Guan Yin:

History is unfolding before our very eyes, and I’m dumbfounded.

When I think of world history, world events, I think of books and the History Channel.

Julius Caesar of Ancient Rome.

The building of the Great Wall of China.

The World Wars.

All available for perusal at the nearest Barnes & Noble bookstore.

But the events in the last decade of my life has been staggering.

Because I’ve never thought I would be an eyewitness to such unprecedented events.

Because these things just don’t happen.

But they do.

And they have.

And it’s surreal.

Zen Master, Zen Mum and I watched the past week’s events play and replay on TV until the images are so seared into our memories that we don’t need the TV to replay anything for us.

I see them with my eyes closed.

The before and after images of Japan.

An 8.9 earthquake and its resulting tsunami.

nuclear crisis.

How do I reconcile such things when the sun is shining so brightly through my window?

When the birds are tweeting so sweetly outside my window?

Please help me to understand.

Guan Yin, I confess that sometimes I am staggered and do fall to my knees with weakness and lack of understanding of why such tragedies happen.  Why they need to happen.

Despite this, I always find myself rising to my feet with the determination of always wanting to help.

But how can I, a mere person, on the other side of the world, help?

What can I do?

Beyond donations, what can I do with my two bare hands to make a difference right now, Guan Yin?

When I posed this question to Zen Master, he gently took my hands into his and said “Simple acts of kindnessBelieve that you can make a difference because it starts with you.”

Thank you, Guan Yin, for my Zen Master.

Through him, I hear your words and your wisdom. 

Through my faith in you, I feel your strength and courage in my heart.

I remember and understand that while we are living on this earth, we have a purpose to discover and fulfill.

To discover what it truly means to be a human being.

And to live that word consistently each and every day.

I thank you for your patience with me.  Sometimes I need to be reminded as I will falter on my path towards enlightenment. 

To see such devastation and destruction just took my breath away.

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