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Cultural Faux Paus

Zen Master saw an ad for shad fish, which was on sale this week at a local supermarket that dubbed itself an “international” grocery store. 

Delicious shad on sale?

Of course we went!

While there, we wandered all around.  I pushed the shopping cart up the Korean aisle, down the Mexican foodstuff, and then across the Asian section.

Then I came across this little fella on the way out.

The entire packaging was in German.  It also said Frankfurt and I was impressed!

I have a chocolatey treat from Germany!

Which got me pondering on the way home.

I don’t really know anything about Germany.

So I went home and went on a virtual visit to Frankfurt, Germany.

While munching on my Hanuta, I glided over to the Cathedral.

While chomping on the sweet wafer, I perused the Archaeological Garden.

And at last, while I was licking the chocolate off my fingers, I gazed at the Fountain of Justice.

I love the Internet.

How else can I go visit Frankfurt without having to step on to a plane?

Then I went in search of Hanuta

And Hello!

It’s not a German-made candy!

It’s made in Italy!

According to International-Chocolates, Ferrero SpA is an Italian candy manufacturer that makes Hanuta Chocolate for the German market.

Hold the phone!

Talk about an cultural faux paus!

I hope I didn’t start an international incident!

Let me go get a nice glass of cold milk and call it a truce.

The things I do for world peace.


Note:  Hanuta Chocolate and Ferrero SpA don’t know me from Adam.  I’m not getting one penny from them for writing this, although I wouldn’t say no to an all-expense paid trip to Frankfurt if I was offered it.  Just so we’re clear.

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