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Fresh Young Coconut

I believe in trying most things at least once.  This is not just my personal motto.

It’s also Zen Master’s.

One night when I came home, I went into the kitchen and stopped short when I caught sight of this.

What the heck is this?

“Fresh Young Coconut” said the sticker.

So what did I do with it?

I grabbed the fresh young coconut with both hands and shook it.

And what did I hear?


Zen Master walked in and saw me shaking that thing like nobody’s business.

“Isn’t it supposed to have water in it?”  I asked as I shook it for all I was worth.  “They do this all the time in the movies.  And how come there’s no hair on it?  Isn’t a coconut supposed to be round with a hard brown hairy shell?”

He took it out of my hands.  “It’s a young coconut.  They removed the shell before they sell it.”

“What about the water?”

“It’s in there.”  He went out to the sink.  “Let me show you.”

Zen Master grabbed the chopping knife and started hacking away at it.

“Why did you get a coconut?”  I asked as I peeked over his shoulder as he hacked, hacked at the thing.

“Why not?  It was on sale.”  He finally snapped the top off the coconut.  “Have you ever seen fresh coconut meat before?”

And of course I shook my head.  Except for the sweetened coconut flakes sold in supermarkets, I never really thought about where the actual thing came from.

Until now.

And it was filled to the brim with coconut water.  After Zen Master poured it out, he cracked the coconut in half.

“That’s it?”  I peered down into the round container of a coconut.  “That’s all the coconut meat?”

“What part of young coconut don’t you understand?”  Zen Master rolled his eyes. 

And it turns out that when I Googled it, he was right.  Young coconuts have jelly coconut meat, and after some time, maybe a few weeks, the jelly would eventually harden to the normal stuff that I’m used to seeing on TV and in supermarkets.

As for the coconut water, it was tasty.  Slightly sweet and quite refreshing.

After sampling both the jelly and the water, I was impressed. 

And in the mood for coconut macaroons. 

The End.

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