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Good Tidings

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve today.

And what have we been doing to prepare for a brand new year?


Cleaning, cleaning and yeah, oh, more cleaning!

The house from top to bottom.

Wiping clean all the nooks and crannies around the house, hoovering up all the darn dust bunnies that multiple like nobody’s business.

Lysol-ing and Clorox-ing the kitchen and bathrooms so thoroughly that I gag at the smells every time I walk around the house.

Washing clothes that keeps the washer and dryer bumping and jumping.

Buying sweet tangerines and fresh chicken and fresh vegetables, preparing for our New Year’s first tasty feast.

And avoiding profanity for a little bit.



This routine ranks up there with Spring and Fall Cleaning in our house.

Because Chinese culture believes that entering a New Year “clean” is a very, very good start to the New Year.

In both house and home, and mind and spirit.

Overall, Chinese tradition believes stepping into a New Year with a clean house and with a relatively happy temperament is an auspicious start to a good New Year.

The things that we do in hopes of good tidings.

Gotta love tradition.

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