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Staycation in Baltimore

For the last week, with the snow storms dumping mounds of snow, Zen Master and Zen Mum were home-bound because the schools were shut down.  And they were going stir-crazy from being stuck at home and from all that white glistening snow.

So what did we do to shake out the winter blues?

Took a staycation.

We did the touristy thing around the Inner Harbor, Baltimore over the weekend.  Sad to say, but some times we get so caught up in our every day activities that we forget to remember to come up for air and breathe.

And live.

We went to Miss Shirley’s for brunch.

I’ve been to Miss Shirley’s a few times and absolutely adore it!  Zen Master and Zen Mum haven’t ever been, and it was time to fix that. 

Zen Mum got my all-time favorite breakfast dish — the Benne Seed Chicken ‘N Waffles.  OUTSTANDING!

Which, of course, I also ordered.

Zen Master was enjoying himself with the Sweet Potato Fries before diving right into his breakfast.

Smoked fish and capers.  His favorite!

Then we went strolling around the Inner Harbor. 

The air was crisp and brisk and utterly refreshing after being cooped up indoors.  It was lovely!

We passed the USS Constellation.

Then the lightship Chesapeake and World War II submarine USS Torsk.

Then the World Trade Center.

In the midst of our meandering and wandering, a quiet and rather unassuming mallard duck strolled up to us.

He was a cutie.  We didn’t have any crackers or bread to give him, and  I felt bad for the little fella.  We watched him waddle away after a while, he probably a little disgruntled with us for being cheap dates.

Obviously we’re not the only ones suffering from the winter blues.

Eventually it was our turn to waddle away home.

And get ready for Chinese New Year.

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