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Family Jiggy

“I need a new frying pan.”

I happened to walk into the kitchen and Zen Mum was cooking fried rice for dinner.  The vegetable fried rice was already on a platter, so nice and hot that I could still see the steam from the rice wafting into the air.

“What’s wrong with the one we have?”  I asked as I snitched a piece of green bean from the platter. 

“Look!”  Zen Mum gestured toward the range top.  We have an electric range with a ceramic glass cooktop, the one with the heat rings beneath the surface.  Rice and vegetables were splattered all around.

“Did the rice explode when you were cooking?”

“The frying pan is too small!  The rice kept falling over the edge as I was stirring it.  I need a better frying pan that has taller walls!”

Taller walls?  What the heck does that mean?

“Taller walls?”  I asked in befuddlement.  “What the heck does that mean?”

“I want a dutch oven!”

How did it go from a frying pan to a dutch oven?

And so we went shopping for a dutch oven, because it has taller walls and the food won’t fly out of the pot.

So we trooped to Macy’s, and made a beeline into kitchenware.

And Zen Mum went straight to the Calphalon dutch oven with a glass cover.

“It’s nice.”  I said.  “Is that what you want?”

She was caressing it as if it was a baby.  Her eyes were soft as she lovingly fingered the glass cover, the cool nonstick pot.  She cooed over it as she lifted it up and tested its weight. 

“Hey, there’s a nice frying pan over here.”  I said as I pointed at a Calphalon 13″ frying pan. 

“Bah, who wants a frying pan?”  Zen Mum poo-pooed as she didn’t even spare a glance at it.  “Who needs another frying pan?”

“So a dutch oven is going to stop the food from flying out anymore?”  I took the Calphalon dutch oven off the shelf and carried it over to the register.  “No more popping fried rice?”

“I love my dutch oven!”  Zen Mum was literally doing her happy dance behind me.  Zen Master took a look at her, and then joined her.  I was staring at two Chinese folks shaking their butts and wriggling their hips.  All with absolutely no rhyme or rhythm. 

I had to shake my head for a few seconds, before I joined them, doing the jiggy with them in Macy’s.

Yes, a dutch oven purchase makes us do the family jiggy.

And the strange looks that we got from passersby were worth it.

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