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Five Guys

As Zen Master and I are both Buddhists, we don’t eat beef.  However, Zen Mum occasionally enjoys steak and other beef products.  Not many people outside our family knows of our religion and it’s not something we advertise.

Hi, I’m Sally and I’m Buddhist.


So when we got a $15.00 gift certificate for Five Guys last Christmas, what did we do with it?

We went to Five Guys.

We got the large fries, Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Zen Master, Kosher Hot Dog for Zen Mum, and a Veggie Sandwich for me.  Since we were at the food court in the mall, after setting the food down on the table, I ran to the water fountain to refill my water bottle before I ate.  Zen Master and Zen Mum were unpacking the food out of the greasy bag when I left.

I was gone only for a few minutes, three tops.

And when I came back, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich was gone.  The empty wrapper was sitting in front of Zen Master and he was munching on the fries.

I looked at Zen Mum and she was half finished with her hot dog.

“What did you do with the Grilled Cheese?”  I looked at Zen Master.  “Inhale it?”

His eyebrows flew up.  “What?”

“I wanted a bite of that sandwich, just to see how it tasted.”

“It tasted okay.”

“But I wanted to sample a piece.  We usually sample each other’s food whenever we go to new places.”

“It was cheesy.”


“I didn’t know that you wanted a piece.  Otherwise I would have saved some for you.”

“But we always sample each other’s food when we try new places.”

“You can try my hot dog, if you want.”  Zen Mum had mustard on her lip and she was wiping it off with her napkin.  “But it’s beef so you can’t.” 

I turned back to Zen Master.  “Piggy.”

Zen Master grinned and nodded his bald head like a bobblehead. 

Yup, this is my family.

And no, you can’t have them.  They’re all mine.

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