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Life’s Little Mysteries

One recent early morning, I was warming up my car.  And in those few cold moments, my mind began to wander and ponder on many of life’s little mysteries.

Brain teasers, really.

Things that make me go hmm.

Like, do we really need to warm up the car?

What’s the logic in that?  What was the origin of this old wives’ tale?

Is it really beneficial for the car to heat it up?

Sad to say, but once I put the car in motion and drive away, this intriguing puzzle disappears to the back of my head where all the other mysteries of the universe lie dormant.

So I’m reading the news today, and wouldn’t you know it?

Here was this story.

I’d like to think that this is more than a coincidence.  I’d like to think that sometimes the universe just gets fed up with all the questions of the heart and throws out a bone.

Just saying.

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