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New Addition to the Family

I’ve been a green-thumb since college.  I adore nature and all things green.

Plants are our friends and they always settle me when I lay eyes on them. 

Since Zen Master retired, he took over the caring of these delicate creatures.

And he would water, prune and care for them while he does his happy dance.

Because Zen Master really, really enjoys nature too.

So as they bloomed and grew, more pots of plants started to appear all around the house.  A glorious array of emerald green natural air purifiers.  And yes, that tiny pot on the window sill is a baby aloe plant.

So during the Christmas season just a week or so ago, a new addition arrived into the family. 

She’s a beauty.

She’s a Phalaenopsis Orchid.  Our first orchid ever.

Did you know that orchids symbolize “refined beauty”?  And it’s said that these beauties last a couple of months.

Let’s just see about that.

Because between my and Zen Master’s green thumbs, I have faith that this orchid can and will be a long-time member of our family.

Somethings you just gotta believe.

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