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Food, Fun, Family and CAKE

When I visited my brother and sister-in-law last week in New Jersey, I came during a night they were in the middle of baking a vanilla cake. 

A three-layer vanilla cake.

This one, actually.  I witnessed the two-person tag team that made up of David and Evelyn.  David is the baker, while Evelyn is the decorator and designer of the cake. 

I was there to watch David whip up the batches of cake.  I wasn’t there on the day that Evelyn took over and put it together.  I would have loved to watch that part. 

David and Evelyn, if you guys need a taste taster, I’ll do it. 

It’s gotta be done.

It’s a tough job, but I’m willing to do it.

Their portfolio of cakes are many, and quite cute!  Like the one of Evelyn’s niece.

Or the David cake. 

It’s somewhat disturbing to see David cutting into his David Cake.

Or is it just me?

But the “cake” that made me do a double-take is Evelyn’s R2D2 cake.

It’s actually styrofoam underneath the fondant, not an actually cake cake.  This is Evelyn’s prototype, just to see if she could do it.

And yes she did!

Food, fun, family and CAKE!

What a lovely combination.

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