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Visiting Family

While I was out and about in New Jersey, in the evening, I went visiting family.

This is my brother, David and his wife, Evelyn. 

Since I dropped by out of the blue, I caught David in the middle of cooking dinner.  And it was rather exciting to see him in action because I can’t remember the last time when that happened.

And then I remember that he’s always been the cooker, me the taster.  He would be able to remember the ingredients that Zen Mum would put into her meals, while I couldn’t retain a thing.

In our younger years, he would be in the kitchen while I was seated at the table, drooling and anxious to get eating.

I watched him make Lobster Bisque, which was quite tasty.

 Steamed fish (I forgot to ask what kind) with ginger and soy sauce.

Really tasty baked chicken, which he brined for eight hours.  I recall the ingredients being salt, sugar, water, herbs and other spices.  The brine made the chicken quite moist and flavorful.  Two thumbs up!

Roasted red potatoes, seasoned with olive oil, salt and other herbs. 

Steak, medium rare, and green bean casserole.  The recipe for the steak was inspired by a trip to Ruth Chris.  David made his own recipe and he said that it was pretty darn close.

If I were a beef-eater, I would have sampled because those were bold words.

 But what captivated me for most of the evening was this cake. 

Evelyn had baked what looked like vanilla cake with confetti sprinkles.  I sat next to it while I watched David cook dinner and the cake kept calling me.

Cake:  Sally…eat me…I am tasty…you know I am…

Me:  Damn you, Cake!  Stop looking at me!  Stop talking to me!  I have will-power.  I am a strong woman.

Cake:  You will be mine before this evening!

And who won?

Sally-in-the-Zen, of course!  (by the skin of my teeth).

But I have to confess, after the really tasty dinner, I had to book out promptly and I forgot to take a bite out of that thing.

David and Evelyn are cool, and they have a nifty side business going. 

And it involves CAKES.

To be continued.

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