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Baltimore Lovely

It dawned on me some time ago that I never posted about the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore.  I’ve lived here for so long that I didn’t even think to describe my lovely city in at least one posting.

The things I take for granted. 

Well, let me fix that oversight right now, and give an abbreviated tour because I actually have a specific destination to attend to in this post besides doing the touristy-thing for you.  So I’m killing two birds with one stone.


First stop.  This is our National Aquarium.  I’ve been in there once with Zen Master and Zen Mum and it’s a definite must-see when you’re in Baltimore.

Next stop.  The Power Plant Building that holds numerous eateries, and a multi-story Barnes and Nobles.  This view is the backside of the building because I wasn’t thinking to catch the frontside. 

I just wasn’t thinking.  Sometimes you just have to go with your impulses.

Okay, final stop.  This was the reason for my trip to the Inner Harbor yesterday morning.

I break for Miss Shirley’s.

Let me toot my little horn for this Baltimore lovely.  If you want a real taste of Baltimore flavors, this is the place.

I mean, where else can you get lump crab meat — the Mac Crabby — for breakfast?

I met up with a couple of old friends over a really tasty brunch.  Good friends, good food, I mean what else can a person ask for, right?


And being in a place that serves breakfast all day long is my idea of a really good time.  Breakfast food for lunch and dinner is an under-appreciated habit, I think.

Susan opted for the Coconut Cream-Stuffed French Toast.

Adrianne went for the Make It Your Own Omelet filled with spinach, turkey sausage and brie cheese.  The sides that came along with it were a biscuit and hash browns and onions.

The hash browns kept calling my name but I played it cool.  I wasn’t about to jeopardize my friendship with Adrianne by reaching over and helping myself to her tasty-looking hash browns.  But she probably would’ve let me because she’s just that kind of friend.  

I opted for my usual, the Benne Seed Chicken ‘N Waffles.  I have just one word for this dish.


Okay, so that was actually two words, but oh well.

Besides Charlotte, I also get together with Susan and Adrianne during this time of year for Christmas.  Our lives have taken separate directions in recent years but we make it a habit to keep in touch once in a while, especially for Christmas.

In an insane world that’s 24/7, it’s nice to know that sometimes the world can stop for a spell for good friends sharing good food.

Definitely good times.

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