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Season’s Greetings

Something about the month of December is compelling to my senses.  It brings to mind all the lovely sights and sounds that are so inherent to the winter holiday season. 

Fat, fluffy white snow flakes.

Jack Frost nippy temperatures that redden the nose in a New York second.

People so trundled up in winter hats and non-matching scarves that only the eyes are visible.

Snug inside a warm and cozy house and home when it’s freezing outside.

Non-stop classical Christmas music that brings up nostalgia of A Wonderful Life and the feeling of goodwill towards people.

Delicious smells of colorful Christmas sugar cookies in the shapes of christmas trees and glittering stars.

Shimmering bold Christmas red and green and gold colors decorating vibrant green christmas trees.

The comforting smell of wood burning in fireplaces.

The white puffs of my breath clearly visible in the winter air.

And in a very short time, a change into a brand new year.

Another beginning.

Season’s Greetings to us all.

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