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Kodak Moments

I woke up at first light this morning and basked in the silence of my home.  Waking up on my own and not by an alarm is like the best feeling.

I shuffled into the kitchen and fixed myself a bracing cup of Starbucks coffee.  And then I went out into the patio and basked in the silence of nature.  Sunlight beaming over the trees, the cool, cool morning air was refreshingly brisk and crisp.  Red, gold and brown leaves still hung in the trees, some littering the ground. 

Times like these are like Kodak moments to me.

That moment ended when I saw my breath in the air.  And when I began to shiver from the cold.

And when I ran back inside.

I was suddenly wishing fervently for hot sun and beach-like weather. 

And I was then remembering about our trip to the East Caribbean, and wishing that I was there right now.


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