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Throwing Down with Sweaters

Zen Mum knits in fits and spurts.  This time around, she picked up her knitting needles when Fall came into town.  Zen Mum loves peeking at crocheting magazines from the library, and a couple of patterns tickled her fancy.  So for the last couple of months, Zen Mum has been throwing down with sweaters. 

The score?

Zen Mum:  Zero.  Sweaters:  Two.

The sweaters are kicking her butt all around the block.  It’s quite a sight, actually.

She would crochet a bit and then let out a shriek.  Then she would throw down her incomplete handiwork and stump away in frustration.  Note:  Zen Mum can usually finish sweaters in record time.  This time, however, is a little different.

“You’re not finished yet?”  I asked Zen Mum.

And she would just give me an evil eye.

That’s what happens when one bumps up in skill level.  She felt very confident, graduating from beginners to intermediate.  She was bored with the simple patterns, so she felt that she could tackle intermediate level with her usual ease and grace.  And she’s been doing fine with intermediate for awhile now.

But sometimes she would hit bumps on that road.

Stay tuned.

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