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Pumpkins, here and there

Zen Master and I dropped by Baugher’s for a quick visit and we were greeted by pumpkins!

There were all types of pumpkins, here and there.

Like these Mexican hat pumpkins.

And cute mini gourds that can be used as displays.

Or hand-held weapons, whichever one prefers.

Or flattened pumpkins whose name I don’t recall.

Or the peanut pumpkins.  They actually gave me goosebumps just looking at them.

And then the long neck pumpkins, which we found out was the pumpkin of choice in making quite outstanding pumpkin pies.  I’ve always thought that the normal orange pumpkins were used, but that goes to show how much I know about these things. 

The things I learn at a farm. 

As we eventually drove away, I contemplated for a moment if I was up to the challenge of making a pumpkin pie from scratch – pie crust and filling – for Thanksgiving.  I tried to picture myself, struggling with a long neck pumpkin, trying to figure out how to turn it into a pumpkin pie.

Nope.  Sorry, really wasn’t feeling it at the moment.

Actually, I’m not feeling anything for Thanksgiving yet.  Maybe because it’s still a week away.  Maybe because I’m willing myself to believe it’s still summer because once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is literally right there!

And then?

A new year!


Yup, really not feeling up to making a pumpkin pie at the moment.

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