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Chestnut Tree

During one of our recent walks around the neighborhood, Zen Mum and Zen Master discovered a chestnut tree. 

“Really?”  I asked in surprise.  “How do you know what a chestnut tree looks like?”

“MPT.”  Zen Mum replied simply.  MPT = Maryland Public Television.

And this is the supposed chestnut tree.

Zen Mum is adamant about it and starts to gather up the fallen nuts.

“Are you sure this is really a chestnut tree, Zen Mum?”

“Of course!”  she sniffs with indignation.  “I saw it on TV and these are the nuts.”

While Zen Mum gets huffy, Zen Master deliberately drops one of the nuts on the ground.

“There’s one way to find out.”  Zen Master says as he starts stumping on the fallen nut.  “There should be a chestnut in here.”

And is it a chestnut from a chestnut tree?

Um, nope, don’t think so.

Better luck next time, I say.

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