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Operator Error – Part 2

When I first started thinking about doing a blog, I Googled and discovered that there are many different types of bloggers. 

Of course there are food bloggers, blogging about food.  I kinda consider myself a food blogger, definitely a wannabe, but at the very least, I’m a life blogger.  I blog about family and life.

But did you know that there is a life logger blogger?

This type of blogger blogs about all the things that happened throughout the day.  In very minute detail. 


8:00 AM:  Got out of bed.

8:05 AM:  Turned over on my right side.

8:06 AM:  Yawned.

9:45 AM:  I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

Anyway, my point is that while on my quest for a tasty lemon cake recipe, I came across one from a life logger.  Unfortunately I didn’t write down her blog name.  And strangely enough, I tried Googling her and her recipe, and I still can’t find her.  It was something about ordinary life or everyday living.  And she’s from England and is definitely my first life logger that I’ve come across.

But I don’t remember the name of her blog!  And it wasn’t on her recipe.

Her recipe is called Luscious Lemon Cake

And using it, here is my second attempt at making a lemon cake for Zen Mum.

Verdict?  Zen Master said “Not good, not bad.”  Zen Mum just shrugged.

It’s tasty, but dry.  At least it didn’t stick to the roof of my mouth, like the other lemon cake recipe we tried.

This recipe said to bake for 40-45 minutes until firm.  I stuck it in the oven for 45 minutes but I think it’s over-baked anyway.  But I found that on the next day, it became a bit moist and more lemony-tasting.  It wasn’t that bad.

Because I like the flavor, this recipe is good for a second chance.  Next time.

But it’s back to square one.

My quest for the ultimate lemon cake recipe continues.

Note:  if and when I finally find that author and her blog, I will put her information here because it’s her recipe and she deserves the credit.

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