Sally in the Zen

Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist


Last night.


Sluggish, tired.  Shuffled home and wanted to stay in.  But forced myself to change into gym gear and made myself go to my night-time gym. 

Hate the gym.


Exercise was 5 sets of 5 dumbbell floor presses.  (Laying flat on the floor and thrusting up dumbbells, with incremental 5 lbs increases per round.)

Puffed and grunted through first three rounds.  Glasses fogged up.

Endorphins kicked in.

Screamed like a banshee through the last two sets, ending at 30 lbs.

Grinned like a fool because I didn’t quit.


Got back home, energized and ready to run around the neighborhood.

Shortly thereafter, passed out cold and snored like nobody’s business.  Zen Master said he could hear me all the way out in the living room. 

LOVE the gym!

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