Sally in the Zen

Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist


After dinner, Zen Master perked up and remembered something that happened at school.

“What’s a circle with a broom in it?”  He asked me.  “Do you know what that means?”

I stared at him.  “Is this a joke?”

“It’s not a joke.  Have you seen this picture before?”

“A circle with a broom in it?”  I shook my head.  “Where did you see this?”

“At school.”  He replied matter-of-factly.  “I saw someone wearing a T-shirt with that picture on it.  I want to know what it means.”

I pondered for a second, and then did what I normally do when I’m puzzled.

I Googled.

And I was puzzled no more. 

I pointed at the image that I randomly pulled up.  “Is this what you saw?”

And he nodded.


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