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For a Good Cause

Over the beautiful and sunny weekend, we went to church. 

Or more specifically, a church fund-raising festival.  For a good cause, and for a friend.

The festival/fund-raising had many arts and crafts booths, which I didn’t really zero in on, because I made a beeline for the edible goodies. 

And then I got sidetracked by a couple of interesting corners. 

Like the one for the kids.

And like the table where empty clothes can be stuffed and transformed into scarecrows.  We were there a bit early and they were just starting to stuff some pants.

Or where normal pumpkins became colorful kids’ works of art.

While we were wandering around, admiring the sights, we came across our friend, the Organizer!

I can’t tell, but do you think she’s happy to see us?

She was the busy bee buzzing around the event, making sure “smoothness” was the happening word of the day. 

Then we came across the corner of yummy and sweets!

Across this sweet corner was the bakery booth.  Excellent treats from The Breadery made up most of the table.

If you’re ever in town, the Breadery should be one of the places to visit.  Homemade breads and muffins are their specialties and always a treat. 

Just saying.

We absolutely LOVE the pumpkin pecan bread.

It was pretty tough going, showing our support for the fund-raising.  But hey, we’re always up for a good cause.

The End.

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