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Catchy Jingle

Zen Master and Zen Mum watch a lot of TV, and they actually pay attention to the commercials as well.  Most especially when it has a catchy jingle. 

Sometimes they may not know what the commercials are trying to sell, but the jingle is what catches their attention.

One of the memorable commercials was from McDonald’s in 2009.

One late evening that year, I was in the bedroom when I heard something strange coming from the living room. 

Peeking into the room, I saw Zen Mum sitting in front of my laptop, playing Mahjong Titans and mumbling something. 

“Give me that fillaya fish…give me that fish…”  Zen Mum was singing, her head bobbing in rhythm as she continued to play her game. 

“What are you singing?”  I asked her.

“McDonald’s.”  She said before resuming the jingle.  “Give me back that fillaya fish… **head bobbing** ….give me that fish…”

I never saw the commercial but I just found it.  I love Youtube.

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