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Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I’m sorry that I didn’t say hello to you earlier.  I didn’t realize you’ve actually arrived on September 22.  I’ve been a little busy enjoying Summer’s company, and time just got away from me.  You know how that goes.

Tempus fugit.

I see that the world has welcomed you, though.  I may be a little late to the dance, but I’m right on time for the celebration.

I see you making yourself at home in my neighborhood.  Only weeks ago, it was all green.

Now you’re decorating it with your wonderful Fall colors.

Sprinkling your flavors all around.

And bringing the cool change in weather with you.

I’m going to make a personal observation and please don’t take it the wrong way.  But you seem to get here earlier and earlier each year. 

What’s up with that?

Now don’t get your shorts all twisted up.  You happen to be my most favorite season.  Since you’re here, I’ll just do what I normally do when you’re in town. 

I’ll unpack my wool sweaters, shake out my fleece tops and break out my flannel PJs.  I’ll enjoy homemade pumpkin pie and hot chocolate.

And most importantly, I’ll continue to surf more food blogs for wonderful soups and hearty meals to keep us warm in those cold nights.

Welcome back, Autumn.  Glad you’re here.

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