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Love at First Sight

Is there really such a thing as love at first sight? 

I never really believed in it but it makes for wonderful storytelling in books, movies and TV. 

So I posed the question to Zen Master and Zen Mum one day.

And I was in for a surprise when Zen Mum said…


For this is what happened to her when she first laid eyes on Zen Master.

Zen Master with Elvis hair!

Background setting:  New York City in the late 1960s.  Zen Master had arrived into the United States, while Zen Mum was already living here with her large family.

There weren’t very many pictures of Zen Mum in her single years because she just didn’t do pictures back then.  But there were plenty of her after she got married to Zen Master, and this photo was one of them.

Zen Master met Zen Mum through her uncle.  Back then, Zen Mum was working in her family’s restaurant and she was already full-bodied and voluptuous.

Zen Mum’s initial thoughts when she first saw Zen Master?

Hubba hubba.

Zen Master’s initial thoughts when he first saw Zen Mum in all her voluptuousness?

Oh boy.

I absolutely swear that I’m not making this up!  Honestly, in this case, the truth is much more funnier than fiction.

My Zen Mum going hubba hubba?

Anyway.  The two crazy kids dated for a bit and then married.

And shortly thereafter, two wonderful packages graced their lives.

The End.

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