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Soap Scum

Sometimes I’m a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

I’m not embarrassed to admit it because it’s true.  Case in point.

Over the weekend, I was cleaning the bathtub and was battling nasty soap scum.  Die, soap scum, die!

Can you tell that I dislike soap scum?

I normally use the bathtub cleaner from Lysol as it promised to dissolve soap scum, but it wasn’t completely holding up its promise this time.  So frustrated that the soap scum was still there, I grabbed the first thing that I found in the cabinet under the sink.

Clorox bathroom cleaner.


Let me just say I can surely vouch that hindsight is definitely 20/20.

After spraying down the bathtub with Clorox, I set to a second scrubbing.  But before I could lift my wet rag, I snorted a noseful of nauseous fumes that about knocked me off my feet.  Luckily I had the bathroom fan turned on while I was cleaning, or in this case, gasping for breath and stumbling out of the bathroom.

End result:  left eye slightly numb, throat slightly raw, and lungs slightly weird.

According to the Clorox label, it advised not to be mixed with other products or else nauseous gases will result.

Good to know. 

And during dinner that same night, Zen Master and Zen Mum shared a similar experience while working in a chinese kitchen many years ago.  They mixed Clorox with Pinesol. 


Zen Master had to take a couple of aspirins, while Zen Mum had a little trouble breathing for a few minutes.

My eye is back to normal now, thank goodness.  My breathing?  Finally better.

Lesson learned? 

Read the label before mixing chemicals.  Unless you want to see pink elephants dancing before your eyes or you just want to cough your lungs out of your body.

But you know what?

The soap scum is gone.  Damn soap scum.

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