Sally in the Zen

Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist

First Impressions

I hate when it’s limp. 

I’m not too crazy about it when it’s a little moist, either.

It needs to be firm, solid and with a little umph behind it.

Because without these, I think very little of it, and its owner.

Of course I’m talking about handshakes.  What did you think I was talking about?

Me thanking Zen Master for being my friend

A worthy handshake conveys strength, energy and the confidence of an individual.  That’s part of the first impression.  At least it is for me.

Recently I met a friend’s important someone and after we shook hands, he commented, “Good handshake.”

Thank you, thank you very much.

Yes, these are things that make me go hmm.

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