Sally in the Zen

Confessions of a Befuddled Zen Buddhist


Let me clarify something about my Zen Master.

I’m his language translator. 

In our normal two-way conversational flow, he speaks Chinese to me while I speak English back.  Yes, it’s strange but it works for us.

In his pre-retirement days, he was a cook and had worked alongside other Chinese fellas, and Zen Mum.  He watched lots of TV and commercials, and he’d be happy to tell you that his earlier English lessons consisted of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and the original episodes of Star Trek.

It’s safe to say that Zen Master’s English has been fitful. 

Since he’s been working in the school cafeteria, his English has gotten better.  This time his compadres are a bunch of American ladies and they have the gift of good gabbing.

He’s always been a gabber, but now he’s more a multi-cultural gabber.

The things you learn in school.

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