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Belated Thank You

Sometimes I’m oblivious to things that surround me.  Sometimes I have to be smacked over the head for my eyes to really see what’s sitting in front of me.  Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.

It’s a sad fact, but true. 

Yesterday Zen Mum and I were driving down Interstate 695 and we witnessed a rare sight. 

A small band of military vehicles, about six in all (I think), was slowly making its way down the highway, in the lane next to us.  Making up this convoy were humvees and one blue bus. 

Zen Mum noticed them before I did.  She was wondering why there was a beige slip cover over the exterior of a jeep humvee that made up the rear of the convoy.  That was when I pointed out that it was a military vehicle, and realized then that I was looking at a military convoy.

It’s not like I’m completely unfamiliar with the military.  My older brother has served in the Air Force, enlisting straight out of high school until his 30s.  Now he’s a civilian working in the IT field and living in New Jersey with his wife.

As I slowly drove pass the convoy, I was looking at the passengers in the humvees.  They were decked out in full military gear, from helmets to green fatigues.  I caught the eyes of one of the servicemen, and we just spontaneously smiled and waved at each other.

And I did this as I passed each vehicle.  I waved at those who happened to be looking in my direction, and they waved back.

And I realize then that I have never thought or made an effort to say thank you to these special people.

I’m sadly lacking and apologize for that.

To all our service men and women in the armed forces, past and present, and to my brother, for your service, bravery and sacrifice, please accept my belated but heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you.

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