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Homecoming – Shanghai – Part 6

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On Sunday, April 15th, 2007, we arrived for the first time ever into Shanghai, home of Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets.


Oohh, pretty!

It kinda felt like Chinatown in Manhattan, New York City.

And for a moment I really felt like we were in New York City.

We had arrived in the early afternoon and it was a free day for us to wander on our own.  We had split from the rest of the tour group by arriving into Shanghai a day or so earlier than the rest, while they deviated to a different tour path that led them to a different city. 

Wandering through Shanghai was like wandering through any metropolitan.  It was modern day living versus the previous cities we visited.  In hindsight, I wished we had the mind to hook up a tour through our hotel to tour Shanghai, most especially the Bund.

Oh well.

Our tour package had Shanghai as a pit-stop for visiting both Hangzhou and Suzhou.  These two cities are within traveling distance from Shanghai via train.  But that didn’t happen until the next day.

So Zen Master, Zen Mum and I wandered around the area near our hotel.  The highlight of the day for us was dinner. 

We ran into a couple from our original tour group and they had invited us to join them for dinner with a native Shanghai friend of theirs.  This was an unexpected surprise, so out of the blue that I left my camera in the hotel when we went out to dinner.

Yes, I know, I was really on top of my game.

We ended up at a restaurant that had a gaggle of ladies, giggling and extremely bubbly, usher us in from the outside.  And going along with my forgetting-to-bring-my-camera thoughtfulness, I forgot to write down what we ate and enjoyed that night.

Because it was absolutely one of the most delicious meals that we’ve had on this vacation thusfar.

And it wasn’t even anything fancy.  I remember I had a bowl of noodle soup with pork dumplings.  And among the many dishes shared at our table, the one I well recall was fried pigeon.  Zen Master and our tour companion devoured it like nobody’s business.  I had a piece of leg given to me and it tasted like chicken. 

And it was quite tasty.


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