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A Cup of Tea

Zen Master loves sampling new foods.  He adores tasting new flavors.  But honestly, he’s also quite picky.  

So when he went looking for good green tea, nay, great green tea, he was determined to find that elusive cup of heaven. 

So Zen Master plotted an elaborate plan of action.

Whenever he’s in an Asian supermarket, he makes a beeline straight to the tea section.  He would scan the various boxes of Korean green tea, Japanese green tea, and of course, Chinese green tea.  He would pick up a box, read the label, give it a good sniff, and give it a good shake. 

This is the way of the Zen Master.  Thorough.  Methodical.

Once he finally decides on a box, he would buy it, take it home and brew a cup of tea. 

Let me complete the picture by adding that Zen Master would also do his happy dance as he believes that he has finally found the cup.

Don’t even get me started on how many rejected boxes of green tea that are tucked away in my kitchen cabinets.

So when he finds something tasty, he sticks to it like white on rice.

Now this brand of green tea is truly acquired taste.  It’s with roasted brown rice. 

According to Zen Master, this type of green tea is quite foo-foo.  It’s for the truly serious tea connoisseur.

While he was on his quest of finding that tasty green tea, I threw in something that he least expected.  And he slurps it up whenever he brews a cuppa.

I just wanted to let you know what floated in Zen Master’s teacup.  Because although his tastebuds can be quite fickle, Zen Master actually has simple pleasures.


Note:  These brands of tea don’t know me from Adam.  I’m not getting one penny from them for writing this.  I’m just spreading Zen Master’s love for great tea.  Just so we’re clear.

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