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Favorite Pastime

It had been such a beautiful day on Monday, we decided to visit our favorite farm, Baugher’s.  When Pick-Your-Own opens with the strawberry season every year in May, Zen Master, Zen Mum and I are there on most weekends, enjoying the fresh air and the farm fresh goodies.

And today we’re talking apples.  Apple season just started, and usually runs from September thru October. 

As soon as we get there, we jump on a ride on the tractor that takes us to the apple orchards.

During pumpkin season in October, this tractor will be filled with hay, becoming a cool hayride for folks.

But today, we’re sitting on top of wooden crates and looking out at the pumpkin patches.  We’ll be back in October to pick our pumpkins!

But in the meantime, we’re looking at the apples.

The first apple orchard we race into is McIntosh.  McIntosh is just one of the various apples they grow, and as the season continues, we’ll get to taste sweet Golden Delicious and tart Granny Smith in awhile.  For the McIntosh, we’ve been advised that we should pick the red ones, because the redder the sweeter. 

And the green ones are still McIntosh apples, but not quite ripe.

But these are!

Zen Mum loves apples. 

But then again, so does Zen Master.  I went looking for him and found him here, trying to find the best apple.

And when he does, he gets quite excited about it!

He wasn’t expecting my camera in his face, so he took it and sent me to pick my own cotton-pickin’ apples. 

 Now how do you like them apples?

Lovely McIntosh and Jonathan apples!  And what we had for dessert last night was an even lovelier apple tart cake.

Life is good.

Note:  Baugher’s is a wonderful pastime for us and I just wanted to share this with you.  We’re not getting paid one penny from them for writing this.  Just so we’re clear.

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