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Things That Make You Go Hmmm

We have a wall scroll hanging in the hall near the bathroom. I bought it eons ago because it was a lovely picture.

Setting:  6:30 AM on a recent work day morning.  Me in the bedroom, getting ready for work and Zen Mum rolling out of bed because she heard me puttering around.  She shuffled up to me in PJs and with a cute case of bed-head. 

“The male peacock is all pretty with his long beautiful tail, standing just like so.”  She struck a pose for me as if she was a runway model, hands on hips, and hips cocked to one side. 

I was a little befuddled because No Coffee + Not enough sleep = droopy Sally.  

“That’s so he can attract his honey.”  I said.  “What are you talking about?”

“Over here.”  She took me over to the wall scroll.  “And then, the female is just sitting there, all drab and dull.”  Then she struck another pose, but this time it was an attempt at appearing demure, her eyes casting up, hands clasped together and propped under her chin. 

“Maybe she’s just overwhelmed with his prettiness.”  I mumbled as I was thinking about coffee.

“Hmph.”  She said as she looked at the brown female peacock.  “She’s just acting all dull. Why can’t she be the pretty one?  That’s not right.”

And with that final say, Zen Mum walked away.

Things that make you go hmmm.

Happy Labor Day!

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