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Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is something, isn’t it?

I guess it depends but usually it works for me because I’m always willing to give most things a try at least once.

I have straight coarse thick hair and with humidity, I puff up like nobody’s business.

In college I permed my hair many times and eventually the harsh chemicals made my hair brittle and frail.  It was a hopeless mess until one day I came across a referral for hair products that I still use faithfully today.

My hair loves it. 

I love it.

And guess who referred it? 


Okay, so I discovered Aveda through her old book, Forever Fit, which I still have from college.

Yes, I have eclectic tastes but at least I have it with healthy hair again.

Thank you, Cher.

Note:  Cher and Aveda don’t know me from Adam.  I’m not getting one penny from them for writing this.  I just love these hair products and want to spread the word.  Just so we’re clear.

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