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Daddy Longlegs

Okay, so I found another daddy longlegs in my tub this morning.  Zen Master always tells me to leave these critters alone; just toss them outside.

My natural tendencies, besides screaming like a lunatic, are to smoosh and squash these things.  MUST SANITIZE.

But instead, I holler for Zen Master to come and get it so he can toss it out the window.

“Why are they always in my tub?”  I asked Zen Master when he came back from dumping the fella out the back.

“Because they’re thirsty.”

“Yeah, okay, then how come they always show up in my tub, and not yours?”

Zen Master grabbed his coffee cup and walked away.  “Maybe because you’re Spider-Woman?”


I’m rather partial to Wonder Woman myself.

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  • Edie
    August 22nd, 2010 22:03
    I have those longlegs thingy too all over the corner of my house. I didn't know they have a name. I thought they are just "spiders". I just suck them up w/ my vacuum each time I clean ... I know, they eat other bugs.
    • August 23rd, 2010 12:56
      I think it's just a conspiracy between those spiders...or is it just an infestation?!

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