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Match-Made – Part 1 of 4

Let’s examine some features in the Chinese repertoire, shall we?

Chopsticks.  Check.

Bamboo.  Check.

Cute pandas.  Check.

And my all-time personal favorite…MATCH-MAKING.  Check.

For a Chinese traditionalist, Zen Master is quite progressive.  He’s quite open-minded about many things and fortunately for me, that also includes marriage.  He leaves it up to me to decide if I want to get married or not. 

Ever since college, I’ve been holding fast to an all-looky-no-touchy policy with its one caveat.  Zen Master would be my litmus test if I were to ever contemplate marriage.  So decreed by me after my first and last disastrous relationship in college. 

Not even going there.

Why all-looky-no-touchy? 

  • Because I have a great personality. 
  • Because I have such unbelievably high expectations with marriage.  Astronomical
  • Because I believe marriage is and should be forever. 
  • Because I believe that THE ONE will initially be a friend first. 
  • Because I’m fine going it alone and traveling down the least traveled path.

Because I’m a coward who doesn’t believe in sticking her neck out when it comes to these things.  Besides, touching is such an intimate act of emotional expression, and I am quite reserved with people I don’t know well and like. 

And then that lucky fella would have to face Zen Master.

That should make for some fine must-see TV.

Although Zen Master and Zen Mum never tried to match-make me, that didn’t mean their friends didn’t try.  Three AW-YOU-GOTTA-BE-JOKING times.


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